7 Biggest Scandals Involving Indian Politicians


Dhruv Narayan Singh

Dhruv Narayan Singh, BJP MLA of Madhya Pradesh was accused of having relationship with many women. He came in limelight when one of his lover Shehla Masson, an RTI activist was murdered by a contract killer sent by Zahida Pervez, who was another lover of this politician.


Madhya Pradesh politics Raghavji was accused of doing unnatural adult things with his servant, and was made to resign and the matter is now under judicial consideration

N D Tiwari

It is allegedly said that N D Tiwari, former governor of Andhra Pradesh was seen in bed with three women in objectionable position at his official residence inside the Raj Bhawan under a sting operation which was carried out by a leading Telugu channel.

Amarmani Tripathi

Madhumita Shukla, a 24-year old poetess who was in love with Amarmani Tripathi, UP Minister was killed by the wife of Amarmani when she came to know about the affair with her husband. Later on, Amarmani Tripathi and his wife Madhumani were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Babulal Nagar

The former Rajasthan minister Babulal Nagar was accused by a married woman of Jaipur of sexually exploiting her in favor of giving government job.

Harak Singh Rawat

Harak Singh Rawat, Former Uttaranchal minister of the Congress party was accused by an Assamese woman of having fathered her newborn child in 2003.

Gopal Kanda

Gopal Kanda, a former Haryana minister was imprisoned for assisting the suicide of Geetika Sharma, a former air-hostess of MDLR airlines which was owned by Kanda. She had left behind a suicide note accusing Gopal Kanda of harassing her and leaving her with no option than to end her life.

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