18 Problems People Who Wear Contact Lenses Face


Wearing lenses is not always about having pretty eyes. And it is certainly no bed of roses. While it’s great to not have to wear spectacles all the time, sporting contact lenses everyday has it’s own set of problems.


1. If you wear lenses, then you have to say goodbye to long nails.


2. If you’re new to the whole lenses game, then it’s like playing Russian Roulette with your eyes every time you put them on.


3. Every morning , you have to spend 15 to 20 minutes in front of the mirror trying to set it just right.


4. Your backpack or bag gets another addition. Lens solution.


5. And if by any chance, something goes into your eyes with your lenses on, then it’s nearly impossible to get them out.


6. When you drop that transparent thing & realize that you’re never going to find it again.


7. And if by chance you try to put on your lenses after moisturising your hands, something like this happens.


8. It’s annoying when people try to lecture you on, “How injurious lenses are to your eyes…”


9. They’ll tell you how your lenses will dry your eyes out by the time you’re 60.


10. Then there’s the day when you actually wear your specs for a change and everyone stares at you as if it’s the first time they’re seeing you.


11. The moment your lenses get lost in your own eye but you spend hours looking for it under your bed!


12. Only you know how difficult it is to get out of bed at night when you’re sleepy as hell, just to remove your lenses.


13. You get really pissed when you are getting late for work & don’t have those extra five minutes to put your lenses.


14. Do you wear lenses? Yes. Water rides? No. Swimming? Nah. Fun? I don’t think so…


15. The monsoons are your mortal enemies.


16. When it’s Holi, you have two choices. Play half blind or risk complete blindness.


17. You’re constantly aware of the fact that you have something super-imposed over your eyes.

18. And finally, when you cry, it’s for two reasons, one is the reason you’re really crying and the other, your lenses.


Content Source: Scoop Whoop

Featured Image Source: framesdirect