17 Psychological Tricks To Help You Understand Yourself & Others Better


Psychological hacks are something that enable us to know people better or in other words, help you have an advantage over others. Sometimes, it might be body postures or sometimes it can be as simple as having a smile on one’s face every time. What’s actually going on someone’s mind?

Read these psychological hacks here:

1. Want to know who is close to whom? Laugh in a group

When a group of people laugh, each makes eye contact with the one they feel closest to. So, you want to know who is closer to whom? Just keep an eye on everyone.


2. Having trouble waking up in the morning despite using an alarm? Shout Yeaaaaahhhh!

This works. The next morning you try waking up with the help of an alarm clock, sit, pump your fists and shout an over excited ‘yeah!’ That’s all you need to wake up.


3. Notice people’s feet

While talking to any coworker or any person, just notice their feet. If their feet is pointed towards you, they like talking to you. If not, they are disinterested in talking to you.


4. Gradual commitment?

People are more likely to do what you say if you give them a simpler task first. Yes! This is an widely used trick.


5. Feeling stressed? Re-frame your body posture

This is the most effective way to let go of stress. Why? because physical aspects matter a lot. What exactly happens is the stress from your mind is transferred to your body while re-framing your posture.


6. Feel angry often? Use mirrors to control it

Those working in the customer service centers might know about this. Put a mirror behind the counter. Whenever an angry customer approaches, they’ll have to see themselves in the mirror while talking and hence chances of them acting irrationally decreases. Because no one wants to see themselves act as an asshole.


7. Afraid of interviews? You’ll own it

Just tell yourself these things:

1. I have known these people(interviewers) for my entire life.

2. We’re just old friends catching up. Can’t wait to see them.
This works because this message is registered in your subconscious mind and hence prevents you from feeling jittery.


8. Don’t react when people are angry at you for no reason

The next time an angry person yells at you, just stay calm. It’ll make them angrier. Eventually, their anger will fizz out and instead, they’ll be shameful of their behavior.


9. Talk to yourself and you’ll feel a change in your personality

Facing Monday blues? Or are you feeling blue for some reason? Just say to yourself – I am awesome! or any positive thought. Eventually, your brain will end up believing that and you’ll feel good.


10. Wanna feel more confident? Just stand up straight with your hands inside your pockets and head held up high

Just stand up straight with your hands inside your pockets and head held up high. It may sound as a cliche, but this one actually works making you feel more confident about yourself.


11. Don’t say ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’ too often.

Signs of low confidence. It shows that you doubt yourself.


12. Pull a Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Clean your house to let go of any stress that you have in your life. It helps a lot to remove clutter in your life.


13. Put on your smiley face. Always.

It makes you feel good about yourself and others. It makes people like you!


14. If you can, remember other people’s names.

Say you meet someone for the first time and you ask their name to get that conversation started. Remember their name and the next time if you accidentally run into them, address them by their name. It makes them feel special. You earn brownie points. Helps a lot for healthy flirting (Just saying!).


15. If you are nervous to walk into a room filled with people, just assume that everybody likes you

Yeah! Just like that. Makes you feel great about yourself. The veracity of this hack is damn true.


16. Ask open-ended questions during any conversation

For a conversation to flow seamlessly and to show the other person that you are interested, ask questions. And not the closed ones (which end up in Yes or NO) but open-ended questions.


17. While contradicting someone in an argument, start your sentences with “Yes.. and…” , then continue with your viewpoint

Well! Waiting to try these on from now on? Me too guys, me too!

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