Ex-Girlfriend Katrina Kaif Sends An Amazing Message To Salman Khan At Midnight


Katrina Kaif was a long time girlfriend of the beloved star of Bollywood - Salman khan. Their love story was once the hot topic of discussion. However, at present, they both have parted ways and moved on.

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They are no longer in a relationship, but their bond is still special as close friends.

Recently, the actress saw Salman Khan’s latest film - Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The special screening of the film was organized by director Kabir Khan. She watched the film and her reaction to it was priceless. She instantly messaged Salman Khan as soon as she finished the movie.However, what everyone is curious to know is that what was the message of the video?

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So, here’s what the message was all about - She sent the message at late night & congratulated him for the movie. In fact, she had left the place with moist eyes.

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