A Sneak Peek Into The Stunning Home Of Sunil Shetty – 14 Photos Of Style And Personality!


8. The entrance of the house makes good use of the plenty natural light that is available and is decorated in a vintage and quaint manner that houses everything the family loves.

9. Unique masks and artefacts from their years of travel adorn the walls…

10. The charming route leading up to the backyard has wooden panels interspersed with a pebbled walkway, interesting sculptures and plenty of greenery.

11. Outside the house there are plenty of walkways and a large swimming pool that convinces the onlooker that it is has to be a resort!

12. Seen here is Sunil Shetty along with his wife Mana Shetty with the gorgeous blue pool, more greenery and a large Buddha sculpture in the background. Also seen are the family’s adoring dogs.

13. Seen facing the pool is the rising structure of the house that is built interestingly on multiple levels.

14. A parting shot of the talented actor among his many other faces!

Overall, we think the family has done a fantastic job in creating a home that looks as unique as it looks stylish and luxurious. It can truly be called a dream home and we surely enjoyed this tour through his stunning home. Hope you did too!

Content & Featured Image Source: Grabhouse