7 Bollywood Climaxes That’ll Make You Go WTF, Scratch Your Head And Go WTF Again!


There are mediocre films which fare well because of a twist in the climax and also pretty smart films that ruin it all with an absurd, or sometimes forced ending. Such a phenomenon is more than a testimony to the significance of the climax in a movie. Something many film-makers understand only too well, but not the makers of some movies, or at least not when they were making these films- the Bollywood climaxes that are downright absurd.

 1. Bodyguard

Kids can not only be cute but can also be the cupid who brings two lovers together- at least, according to Bollywood. The idea of a kid helping to seal the amorous interests  was used to great effect in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.’ As if KKHH has been erased from the movie-goers’ collective consciousness, a very similar idea was seen towards the end of  ‘Bodyguard’ as well. The film which is a mish-mash of the Tamil movie of the same name and bits of Ghajini couldn’t guard itself well from the derision of critics owing to the lame ending.

2. Jism 2

Casting Sunny Leone as a porn star was no stroke of genius. But it’s understandable. But having her and Abhimanyu Singh in heaven throwing such lines as “What heaven is it if you aren’t there and what’s to fear from hell if you are there?” was not at all understandable in the context of good entertainment. Not in the least.

3. Tees Maar Khan

The storyline of this one is as hard to figure out as baseless censorship. But  if any more films come out with such ridiculous climaxes as this one did, we do hope that it will be censored out. For those lucky souls who haven’t had to watch this movie, the climax includes Akshay Kumar freeing himself from serious felony charges, Akshay Khanna walking off with an Oscar(sweet holy Lord!) and just about every character in the movie getting insanely rich. If you think that that kind of a mix can be pulled off decently enough, be our guest. However, don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

4. Happy New Year

One of the major releases in 2014, Happy New Year was launched with a whole lotta hoopla but the film ended rather badly-literally. Not that the film up to its climax was good to watch. But the end scene which was as predictable as a night-full of drinking giving you some serious headache in the morning made the preceding scenes look beautiful.

5. Welcome

At the end of a film the selling point of which was an impressive star-cast and a few good jokes, we were privy to a scene in which all the main characters in the film end up in a perilous house perched on the edge of a cliff and are filled with noisome bees that are out to attack everyone. Not only did this climax not give us anything to laugh, it also made us wonder if it’s not a good idea for film critics to add warnings such as ‘Don’t stick around till the end and you’ll be fine’ in their reviews.

6. Housefull

If the idea of two Sardars releasing laughing gas into the Royal Palace of England sounds like something two young dudes with nothing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon while they were smoking some potent weed might have come up with, we cannot dispute your view. Whether that’s how the makers of Housefull got the idea is unknown, but the idea and its consequences are what constitute the climax of the film. In the end, everyone inside the palace end up laughing and the Queen Elizabeth makes abuses in Marathi.

7. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The movie did go on to become one of the biggest successes in recent times. However, that doesn’t make the climax any less logic-defying. At the end of the film, an otherwise disciplined officer disobeys his senior to escort Salman to the border(yes, the Indo-Pak border). Absolutely no one stops them on the way there which is kinda meh considering how the tension between the two nations is far from dead.

Sticking to the theme, here’ an absurd climax to this post. Or wait, maybe that’s not a good idea. A good film can be like a goal in soccer. You need to finish it well.Period

source: grabhouse

featured image source: ibnlive