19 Indians Who May Look Extremely Lazy At First, But Are Actually Geniuses


We were always advised by our parents and teachers not to be lazy as it would make us unsuccessful in life, but they were wrong. Ironically, it turns out that lazy people are always smart, intelligent, and can make things happen easily without working hard. Newton would not have discovered gravity, had he been not lazy and had he not daydreamt sitting under the apple tree, and Sir Thomas Edison would not have invented light. All thanks to laziness. Here are some lazy people who are actually geniuses.

1. What do you do when your TV Remote Control suddenly stops working? This dude has a solution.


2. Paper cup + fork = Fork spoon – that is, when you are so lazy to get up and move to your kitchen.


3. This girl who is just tired of holding her mobile phone on her hands.


4. This guy who wants to both sleep and use computer at the same time.


5. Carrying a heavy baby is always tiresome, so this mother found out an easy way to handle it.

parentingfail6. This engineer who is so much occupied with his work and has no time to get up from his chair and get his food warm.

microwave7. Laptop overheated and you had to shut it down during your 24×7 online schedule? Here’s how to fix it.


8. This woman who found the most effective trick to chop onions without shedding a tear.


9. See, this is why you should always choose lazy people to get your job done right.


 10. Let me just sleep here alone.


11. This worker who really knows how to utilize the crane.


12. These guys make the ‘hard physical work’ much easier and fun.


13. Bill Gates is right. Yes, there’s always an easy way out.

sikh14. For lazy smart people, anything is possible with minimum efforts. Here’s the proof.



15. Why to waste your precious time in loo just pooping? Multitasking done right.


16. I am damn lazy to look for the mirror…OK, no problem.


17. And when sitting is too wearisome – just sleep and enjoy the movie.


18. Basically, laziness is the mother of all Indian Jugaads.


19.Hence proved! Lazy people = smart and intelligent. Do I need to explain it more?



source: dailymoss

featured imeage source: dailymoss