14 Sexist Wedding Rituals In India That Will Shock You


Marriage is a sacred relation where ideally both the man and the woman promise to respect and support each other for life. However, there are many wedding rituals in Indian weddings which are sexist in nature. Here are some of them.

#1. In Tamil brahmin weddings, there is a custom where the groom pretends that he is going to Kasi to complete his spiritual journey. The bride’s father pleads the groom not to leave the bride and states the difference between the marital life and ascetic one. 



#2. In Maharashtrian weddings, the bride’s parents wash the groom’s feet, but make the bride herself wash his feet first.


#3. In Bengali marriages, the haldi (turmeric paste) the groom’s family uses for the bride, is the same paste used by the groom or a paste that has touched the groom’s body.

#4. In many parts of north and west India, the bride is supposed to change her first, as well as her last name post marriage.