14 Sexist Wedding Rituals In India That Will Shock You


#10. In some Bengali weddings, the bride is made to sit under the elbow of the groom and water is then passed from his elbow on to her. 


#11. Kanyadaan, literally means giving the daughter away as charity. According to the old Hindu traditions, it means ‘the gift of virginity’. Not only does it emphasise on giving the daughter away as charity, but it is done only by the bride’s father. If the father is not present, then the responsibility goes to any male member of the family. It is never done by the mother.


#12. Another Bengali wedding tradition is bou bhaat (meaning bride food), which includes her serving food to guests and her new husband, and then eating the leftovers from his plate.


#13. The bride’s family funds the entire wedding. This is present in almost every wedding in the country. The cost incurred is usually humongous. However, today there is a ray of hope, where both the bride’s and the groom’s family split the expenses.


#14. Even though dowry is illegal in India, in many cultures the bride’s family is forced to gift apartments, cars, expensive jewellery, etc. to the groom and his family.

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