12 Unseen Photos Of Young Shraddha Kapoor With Her Family


Shraddha Kapoor has grown from simply being Shakti Kapoor’s daughter to being a Bollywood success story in her own right. After commercial hits such as Aashiqui 2 and critically acclaimed movies such as Haider, Shraddha Kapoor is now a force to reckon with for all upcoming actresses. Here is how it all started, here are unseen photos of young Shraddha Kapoor with her family:

1. That adorable smile was something she apparently was born with!2. She sure does seem to be ‘mommy’s girl’ first!

3. But she seems to enjoy brother Siddhanth Kapoor’s company the best

4. Shraddha Kapoor loves spending time with family and even today looks forward to her time at home

5. That naughty look started from her younger days, what michief were you up to young Shraddha!?

6. Shy and reserved to confident and talented, that’s what we call a transformation!

7. Can you believe that is young Shraddha Kapoor, we initially couldn’t!

8. Look at that cute fringe, Shraddha sure seems like star material in this pic from her younger days!

9. Hey! Where did that trademark smile go!?

10. Flanked by brothers!

11. With daddy dearest in more recent times!

12. and with her best friend in the entire world…her mom!


featured image source: hotactress.xyz