10 Of The Biggest Lies That Had India Fooled


7. India has officially been secular since 1947.

The original Indian Constitution never had the term ‘secular’. The constitution was later amended in 1976 adding the term secular to its preamble and other sections. The Supreme Court says India has always been a secular country, but then why didn’t we have it in our constitution?

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8. Hindi is the only official language of the country.

There are more than twenty official languages in the country, including Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, English, etc. Yes, the government will continue to promote the language, but all states are free to have their own official languages.

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9. Mahatma Gandhi was photographed dancing at a party.

Fell for it? This isn’t Mahatma Gandhi dancing with a lady, it’s actually an Australian actor dressed like Gandhi. Gandhi is definitely one role model; we’ve got actors dressing like him.


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10. Ayodhya has existed since the mystical age of the Ramayan.

The modern day town of Ayodhya was set up by King Vikramaditya and didn’t exist during the time period of the Ramayan. It was set up with the aim to recreate its mystic. In fact, there is another town in Thailand by the name of Ayutthaya which holds a similar story to that of the mythology.

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And you thought your lies were bad!

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