18 ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude of Indians which will make you say WTF


“Abey Chalta hai yaar…”

Nothing can ever come close to the happy-go-lucky, yeh chalta hai can miraculously make us - well, at least some of us - forget everything and get on with our lives. 

Just like these people who simply couldn’t take some time to think if they are doing the right thing:

1. 50 ho ya 500, chalta hai

Source: MyIndiaPictures


2. THIS stairway to heaven.

Source: DailyMoss


3. This news reporter doesn’t really know what he’s talking about!

Source: RookiStew


4. Cashier who’s passing her time by wasting everybody else’s. 

Source: StoryGlitz

5. Making you an offer you probably can’t refuse.

Source: Blogcdn


6. Getting the mosquitoes drunk.

Source: Bajiroo