10 Things That Make School Friendships So Special


These lines from Simon and Garfunkel flawlessly capture memories of a beautiful childhood that was defined by simple and endearing friendships. Reminiscing about these times will always take us back to the friends we had back in school. They were a different league altogether. When you think of them, you understand what true friendship is all about.

 Here are 10 reasons why those simple school friendships have the deepest meanings.

1.  You were friends before you even knew what the word ‘friend’ meant.

2. They wingmanned you through everything from punishments to crushes, surprise tests to homework.

 3. After spending the entire day at school together, you still spoke to them on the phone.

4. They loved you and stood by you even before you attained success in life or at least showed promise for it.

5. School friendships were, still are and will always remain the most uncomplicated, unconditional and endearing friendships.

  6. They selflessly shared everything with you; from assignments and secrets, down to even a single toffee!

7.  They are the reason why you never get bored of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikendar and Hip Hip Hurray.

8. They set the standard for friendships for the rest of your life.

 9.  You didn’t need to speak to talk; like the time when the teacher asked you to choose a partner, you just looked at one another.

10. And lastly, the joys of the ‘last bench’ would never have been discovered without them.

School days can’t last forever. One day they must end. But school friendships last a lifetime. If you’re thinking of your school friends right now.

source: scoopwhoop

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