24 Epic Bollywood Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movies


Bollywood has kept us entertained since forever. Although most movies are backed up by an A-lister, who also has the chunkiest role, there are a few characters who have been etched into our memories.

This is, by no means, an extensive list, neither is it exhaustive. It is merely the tip of the iceberg that is Bollywood.

And you get a movie! And you get a movie! And you get a movie! * Oprah Winfrey approves

1.Who: Jailer
Where: Sholay
Why: Because who can be Hitleresque and          bumbling at the same time? Yes, Jailer is            right.

2.Who: Chatur Ramalingam
Where: 3 Idiots
Why: Because silence is not always golden.

3.Who: Perpendicular
Where: Gangs of Wasseypur
Why: Because of his insane blade-in-mouth        skill. Even though it will leave our heads              spinning to watch him do that for two hours.

4.Who: Circuit
Where: Munnabhai MBBS
Why: Because, Circuit.

5.Who: Kachra                                                          Where: Lagaan
Why: Because going by the movie he was the      first spinner India had! From an untouchable to    a savior, his tale deserves to be told.

6.Who: Ganesh
Where: Run
Why: Because he needs to be extracted from      this trainwreck of a movie and rewarded with        one on himself.