20 Images For The People Who Love Sleeping Way Too Much


If you know the feeling of throwing your phone and never working again for the sake of extra sleep, then you’re a chronic sleep lover like all of us. And if you feel like murdering the first person who comes to break your precious sleep, then you’re a non-morning person and proud (and cranky in the morning).

Well, morning people will never get the happy chirpy faces at 6 am, when all we want is a warm cup of coffee. Or better still, a surprise holiday just to sleep.

Until that happens, here’s a series of images that perfectly describe your morning woes, and the separation anxiety you face for the rest of the day.

When you wake up before time, and figure you have more time to sleep.

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When someone tries to wake you up before it’s time.

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When you have to make your alarm clock sass you into waking up.

The snooze button is your best friend.

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When your alarm goes off.

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When the first ray of sunshine hits your face.

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When you struggle to get those extra five minutes of shut-eye.

And they mean the world to you.

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When you’re up, but lie in bed thinking about how you can skip work.

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When you can think of absolutely nothing.

So instead, you start calculating how much sleep you can make up for in the weekend.

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When you finally give up and get out of bed.

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When you’re battling sleep on the toilet.

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When you’re regretting your decision in the shower.

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The amount you yawn even before it’s noon.

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When you struggle to keep yourself awake during the first half of your work day.

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When you’re trying to resist your post lunch sleep-attack.

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But you finally give in…

And wake up after half an hour.

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When you can sleep just about anywhere.

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When you have that special relationship with moving vehicles, that most don’t seem to get.

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When you see cheerful morning people.

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Your face before your first coffee.

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And your face after your first coffee.

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Sleep, cry, repeat. The cycle goes on.