7 Skin Care Secrets That Will Help You Put Your Best Face Forward!


1. Don’t over wash your face.

Skincare TipsThe heat makes you want to wash your face several times a day. But doing so causes the oil-producing glands in your skin to produce excess sebum, making your face super oily. If you absolutely must get the grime off your face in the middle of the day, wash it with plain water.

2. Avoid soap.

Skincare TipsSoap is one of the harshest substances for your skin. It has a high pH that scrubs off everything from the surface of the skin – not just dirt and grime but natural nutrients, oils and moisture as well. Instead of using detergent-based soaps, look for foam-free or sulphate-free cleansers. They will gently remove the oil while still retaining your skin’s natural balance.

3. Use balanced cleansers on your face.

Skincare TipsThe skin’s pH is 5.5. Soap has a pH of 8 and above, which weakens the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and allows allergens and infectious agents to penetrate. Look for gentle cleansers with a pH of 7 or below. They cleanse without stripping your skin of its nourishment.

4. Don’t forget to moisturise.

Skincare TipsPeople with oily skin think that they don’t need to moisturise. Unfortunately, this is not true. The more hydrated your skin is, the younger it will look as you age. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you should look for a gel-based lotion that will hydrate your skin without blocking your already greasy pores.

5. Wear sunscreen.

Skincare TipsMany people never wear sun block. Either they claim that they never go outside, or they feel that they don’t need it. The fact is that you are being exposed to the sun even when you’re sitting inside your home. UV rays penetrate windows easily. Their presence is not just limited to hot weather – they are strong even when it is raining or snowing. These rays are the number one cause of suntans, freckles, pigmentation and ageing. Applying sun block when you’re young will guarantee better skin when you’re older. Look for an SPF of 30 or above.

6. Buy non-comedogenic makeup products.

Skincare TipsPeople with oily or acne-prone skin need to make it a point to use only products that have been certified as non-comedogenic. This means that a dermatologist has examined the ingredients and has certified that no ingredient in the product can clog your pores. Even the most innocuous of products can be the culprit behind your blackheads and whiteheads!

7. Stop using Lactocalamine for everything.

Skincare TipsLacto calamine has become a cure-all in India. Unfortunately, it can irritate and damage the skin if it is used inappropriately. For skin that is sensitive or has a tendency towards eczema and skin infections, Lactocalamine can worsen the situation by removing the natural healing skin oils from the surface of the epidermis. If you have these problems, visit your doctor instead of trying to treat the condition at home so that you don’t develop any complications.

source: indiatimes

featured image source: perksandstyle