4 Fibre-Filled Weight Loss Foods



In a year-long study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, participants who simply increased their fibre intake lost almost as much weight in a year (2.1 kilos) as those who followed the 13 rules in the American Heart Association’s diet guidelines (2.7 kilos).

At the end of the study, both groups had lower blood pressure and decreased insulin resistance. Focusing on eating more rather than less of something made a diet change easier to stick with, said experts, who also found that a single dietary change seemed to set off an effortless chain reaction of healthier choices. They also agreed that fibre’s satiety factor and blood sugar-stabilising effects could prevent hunger and cravings

1.Legumes and nuts


Split peas: 16 grams of fibre per cup

Lentils: 15.6 grams per cup

Black beans: 15 grams per cup

Baked beans: 10 grams per cup

Almonds, a 28 gram serving: 3.5 grams

grains.jpgSpaghetti, whole wheat: 6.3 grams of fibre per cup

Barley, cooked: 6 grams per cup

Bran flakes, ¾ cup: 5.3 grams

Oatmeal, instant: 4 grams per cup

apple08_wooden.jpgRaspberries: 8 grams of fibre per cup

Pear with skin: 5.5 grams

Apple with skin: 4.4 grams

Strawberries: 3 grams per cup

healthy-green-vegetables.jpgArtichoke, 1 medium: 10.3 grams of fibre

Green peas, cooked: 8.8 grams per cup

Broccoli, cooked: 5 grams per cup

Corn, cooked: 4 grams per cup

source: womenshealthandfitness

featured image source:urbanewomen