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We are on a mission to build a world-class consumer company, which will soon be in the hands of millions of customers.

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Lead iOS Developer (2-9 yrs)


  • Good understanding of fundamentals: data structures, Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • Strong Programming skills in Objective C; and other programming languages like Java, C#, C/C++
  • Good experience in UI development: Storyboards, auto layouts, custom UI views, MVC design pattern, animations, gestures
  • Knowledge of iOS design patterns as well as Apples Human Interface Guidelines
  • Familiar with Xcode and Instruments
  • Experience in Web Service Integration, XML/JSON parsing
  • Excellent debugging and optimisation skills
  • Successfully released 5+ apps on the iTunes App Store, including being a part of the complete app submission, review, approval, and release process

Lead Python Developer (4-9 yrs)


  • Experience in building security protocol-compliant APIs to implement XMPP server for building chat systems
  • Strong design principles with exposure to scalable client-server architectures
  • Experience into building Video conferencing implementations and in building distributed applications
  • Strong knowledge of MVC frameworks
  • Able to use analytical and problem-solving skills to create and design programmable solutions into Chat and Video conferencing.

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